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[audio]podcast_test - Gil
This is a test podcast in a new series analyzing current news, ideas, and culture.
Keywords: Games; Music; Podcast; News; Culture; Abstract
Downloads: 21
[audio]Gil-Test-06-11-24 - Gil
my test podcast
Keywords: blah; whatever; keyboard; games; pure pwnage
Downloads: 11
[audio]GIL-Ana EP (EarXP5) - Gil
The first release of GIL. His realname is Virgilio Oliveira; He is 26 year old Portuguese from a small town called Viseu. Started making electronic music back in 1998 using an AKAI 2000 XL, turntables and an old Yamaha synth, at that time I was mainly producing Hip Hop. GIL: "Moved to London at 20 years old to get inspiration and to improve my music. Nowadays Im still using turntables, mainly to sample from old records and the occasional scratch hear and there...
Downloads: 9,246
[audio]Gil-Test-06-11-24 - Gil
this is a test podcast
Keywords: cheese
Downloads: 13
[audio]pop - gil
Keywords: indie
Downloads: 254
[audio]Gil-Test-06-11-24 - Gil
Keywords: cheese
Downloads: 35
[audio]Gil's Podcast - Gil
This is my podcast
Keywords: keyword
Downloads: 11
[texts]PINCHA_EL_PINCHE - Bandido Gil
Keywords: bandido; pincha; en; el; pinche; boton
Downloads: 4
[movies]Ring Out - Gil Ronen
Piece about the Ring Out! vigil of August 28, 2004 during the RNC in NYC: The Republican National Convention of 2004 chose NYC as its host city to capitalize on the 9/11 event and the emotions it triggered throughout the nation. At the time, I was volunteering with an organization, The Producers’ Project that taught video documentary skills to NYC high school students. I decided that real world events offer a unique immersion opportunity and with 3 students started to follow 3 different groups...
Keywords: Vigil; 9/11; RNC; WTC; Republican National Convention; World Trade Center; Bells; Demonstration; Reverend Billy; Political Action; Free Speech; Bells; Civil Disobedience
Downloads: 82
[audio]Quim Gil - Maemo LinuxTag 2008 update - Quim Gil
Quim Gil - Maemo LinuxTag 2008 update
Keywords: Maemo LinuxTag 2008
Downloads: 406
[etree]Robbie Gil Live at The Bitter End on 2009-01-28 - Robbie Gil
(one set) disc 1: 1. -intro- 2. Paper Crown 3. Hows Colorado? 4. Everywhere But Here 5. Hard To Be Normal 6. Paint By Numbers 7. The Last Song 8. Sometimes disc 2: 1. Taking To Long 2. The Flames Out In The Lighthouse 3. Eyes 4. The Big Picture 5. Blind Oblivion & Wilted Roses 6. The Weight Robbie Gil- acoustic guitar/lead vocals/piano Nick Morison- bass/vocals Pat Firth- keys Dan Hindman- electric guitar Josh Dion- drums/vocals
Downloads: 111
[audio]minue_2b - V. GIL
Interpretación escolar
Keywords: educación; instrumentos
Downloads: 13
[audio]Dia de la madre en El Mostrador - Claudio GIL
Omar Cerasuolo con un poema para la madre y Mercedex Sosa cantando Las manos de mi madre al cierre del programa.
Keywords: Madre; Mostrador
Downloads: 6
[audio]Episodio 2 podcast fernando gil - fernando gil
Segundo episodio del podcast de Fernando Gil (tyra no tiene llenadera)
Keywords: podcast; fernando gil; tyra; capo; llenadera
Downloads: 28
[texts]SU(3) - Flavor Symmetry in $B \to VP$ Decays - Gil Paz
In the framework of SU(3) symmetry, we present a general analysis of $B$ meson decays into two lighter uncharmed mesons (both pairs of pseudoscalar mesons and pairs of vector and pseudoscalar mesons). From the analysis we find constraints on $\gamma$ and discuss their validity. The most useful new constraint is obtained by considering the decay modes $B^{0} \to K\pi$ and $B^{+} \to \pi^{0}\pi^{+}$...
Downloads: 2
[texts]Quantum Computers: Noise Propagation and Adversarial Noise Models - Gil Kalai
In this paper we consider adversarial noise models that will fail quantum error correction and fault-tolerant quantum computation. We describe known results regarding high-rate noise, sequential computation, and reversible noisy computation. We continue by discussing highly correlated noise and the "boundary," in terms of correlation of errors, of the "threshold theorem." Next, we draw a picture of adversarial forms of noise called (collectively) "detrimental noise." Detrimental noise is modeled...
Downloads: 6
[image]Acoustic - Gilberto Gil

Downloads: 19
[texts]Thoughts on Noise and Quantum Computation - Gil Kalai
We will try to explore, primarily from the complexity-theoretic point of view, limitations of error-correction and fault-tolerant quantum computation. We consider stochastic models of quantum computation on $n$ qubits subject to noise operators that are obtained as products of tiny noise operators acting on a small number of qubits. We conjecture that for realistic random noise operators of this kind there will be substantial dependencies between the noise on individual qubits and, in addition, ...
Downloads: 3
[texts]Theory of Inclusive Radiative B Decays: 2012 Update - Gil Paz
This talk discusses recent developments in the theory of inclusive radiative B decays, focusing mainly on non-perturbative aspects of the CP asymmetry in B->Xs gamma.
Downloads: 3
[texts]Subleading Jet Functions in Inclusive B Decays - Gil Paz
The contribution of subleading jet functions to inclusive decay distributions of $B$ mesons are derived from a systematic two-step matching of QCD current correlators onto soft collinear and heavy quark effective theory. Focusing on the tree level matching of QCD onto soft collinear effective theory, the subleading jet functions are defined to all orders in $\alpha_s(\mu_i)$ (with $\mu_i^2\sim m_b\Lambda_{\rm QCD}$) and are calculated explicitly at first order in $\alpha_s(\mu_i)$...
Downloads: 3
[texts]On the stability of weight spaces of enveloping algebra in prime characteristic - Gil Vernik
By the result of Dixmier, any weight space of enveloping algebra of Lie algebra L over a field of characteristic 0 is adL stable. In this paper we will show that this result need not be true, if F is replaced by a field of prime characteristic. A condition will be given, so a weight space will be adL stable.
Downloads: 3
[texts]Semicharacters of Groups - Gil Alon
We define the notion of a semicharacter of a group G : A function from the group to C*, whose restriction to any abelian subgroup is a homomorphism. We conjecture that for any finite group, the order of the group of semicharacters is divisible by the order of the group. We prove that the conjecture holds for some families of groups, including the symmetric and general linear groups.
Downloads: 4
[texts]Detrimental Decoherence - Gil Kalai
We propose and discuss two conjectures on the nature of information leaks (decoherence) for quantum computers. These conjectures, if (or when) they hold, are damaging for quantum error-correction as required by fault-tolerant quantum computation. The first conjecture asserts that information leaks for a pair of substantially entangled qubits are themselves substantially positively correlated. The second conjecture asserts that in a noisy quantum computer with highly entangled qubits there will b...
Downloads: 6
[texts]From A to Z': Combining Anomaly and Z' Mediation of Supersymmetry Breaking - Gil Paz
Combining anomaly with Z' mediation allows us to solve the tachyonic slepton problem of the former and avoid fine tuning in the latter. We describe how the two mechanisms can be combined, and some of the phenomenology of such a joint scenario.
Downloads: 3
[texts]Direct CP Asymmetry in B->X_{s,d}+gamma Decays - Gil Paz
The CP asymmetry in inclusive B->X_{s,d}+gamma decays is an important probe of new physics. The theoretical prediction was thought to be of a perturbative origin, and in the standard model, to be about 0.5 percent. In a recent work with M. Benzke, S.J. Lee and M. Neubert, we have shown that the asymmetry is in fact dominated by non-perturbative effects. Since these are hard to estimate, it reduces the sensitivity to new physics effects...
Downloads: 1
[image]The Best Of - Gilberto Gil

Downloads: 2
[texts]Some comments on "The Mathematical Universe" - Gil Jannes
I discuss some problems related to extreme mathematical realism, focusing on a recently proposed "shut-up-and-calculate" approach to physics (arXiv:0704.0646, arXiv:0709.4024). I offer arguments for a moderate alternative, the essence of which lies in the acceptance that mathematics is (at least in part) a human construction, and discuss concrete consequences of this--at first sight purely philosophical--difference in point of view.
Downloads: 11
[texts]A simple algorithm based on fluctuations to play the market - L. Gil
In Biology, all motor enzymes operate on the same principle: they trap favourable brownian fluctuations in order to generate directed forces and to move. Whether it is possible or not to copy one such strategy to play the market was the starting point of our investigations. We found the answer is yes. In this paper we describe one such strategy and appraise its performance with historical data from the European Monetary System (EMS), the US Dow Jones, the german Dax and the french Cac40.
Downloads: 5
[texts]How Quantum Computers Can Fail - Gil Kalai
We propose and discuss two postulates on the nature of errors in highly correlated noisy physical stochastic systems. The first postulate asserts that errors for a pair of substantially correlated elements are themselves substantially correlated. The second postulate asserts that in a noisy system with many highly correlated elements there will be a strong effect of error synchronization. These postulates appear to be damaging for quantum computers.
Downloads: 3
[movies]Interview with Joe Hieronymus by Gil Eliot. - Gil Eliot
Too Wet To Burn--unedited
Keywords: Comedy
Downloads: 15
[texts]Charmless inclusive B decays and the extraction of V(ub) - Gil Paz
This work discusses charmless inclusive B decays and their application to the extraction of $|V_{ub}|$. Starting from first principles we relate the differential decay rate to the hadronic tensor in terms of optimal choice of kinematical variables. We review the traditional methods of calculating the hadronic tensor, expansion in $\alpha_s$ and HQET, and discuss their shortcomings. In the kinematical region relevant for experiment ("shape function" region), the hadronic tensor can be factorized,...
Downloads: 2
[texts]L'algebre des symetries quantiques d'Ocneanu et la classification des systemes conformes a 2D - Gil Schieber
The partition functions of a 2D conformal system - the modular invariant one or the generalized ones, coming from the introduction of defect lines - are expressed in terms of a set of coefficients that have the particularity to form nimreps of certain algebras. These coefficients define the various structure maps of a new class of Hopf Algebras, called Weak Hopf Algebras, and can be encoded in a set of graphs...
Downloads: 5
[texts]Eigenvalues of the Adin-Roichman Matrices - Gil Alon
We find the spectrum of the Walsh-Hadamard type matrices defined by R.Adin and Y.Roichman in their recent work on character formulas and descent sets for the symmetric group.
Downloads: 6
[texts]Soliton Interaction with an External Traveling Wave - Gil Cohen
The dynamics of soliton pulses in the Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation (NLSE) driven by an external Traveling wave is studied analytically and numerically. The Hamiltonian structure of the system is used to show that, in the adiabatic approximation for a single soliton, the problem is integrable despite the large number of degrees of freedom. Fixed points of the system are found, and their linear stability is investigated...
Downloads: 10
[audio]Claudio Corradini y Pepe Campos en EL MOSTRADOR - Claudio GIL
Nota en El Mostrador Cultural en abril de 2011 con Guillermo Yanícola, Claudio Corradini y Pepe Campos.
Keywords: Corradini; Campos; Mostrador
Downloads: 18
[texts]An Effective Field Theory Look at Deep Inelastic Scattering - Gil Paz
This talk discusses the effective field theory view of deep inelastic scattering. In such an approach, the standard factorization formula of a hard coefficient multiplied by a parton distribution function arises from matching of QCD onto an effective field theory. The DGLAP equations can then be viewed as the standard renormalization group equations that determines the cut-off dependence of the non-local operator whose forward matrix element is the parton distribution function...
Downloads: 4
[etree]Robbie Gil Live at The Bitter End on 2009-09-02 - Robbie Gil
(one set) 1. -intro- 2. Jesus Of Iowa 3. Lightning In A Bottle 4. The Flame's Out In The Lighthouse 5. How's Colorado? 6. Taking To Long 7. Paint By Numbers 8. The Wind 9. Hard To Be Normal 10. Blind Oblivion & Wilted Roses 11. -encore break- E: 12. The Big Picture
Keywords: Robbie Gil; Bitter End; Salvo; AKG
Downloads: 157
[audio]En Busca de algún Norte - Marcelo Iglesias - Claudio GIL
Una producciòn de Claudio Corradini para El Mostrador Cultural por FM 96.5 Radio Residencias de Mar del Plata.-
Keywords: Busca; Norte; Iglesias
Downloads: 9
[audio]danza dórica_4AB - V. Gil
Interpretación escolar
Keywords: educación musical
Downloads: 23
[audio]A un viejo amigo - Roberto Gil
Por Roberto Gil
Keywords: Roberto Gil
Downloads: 21
[audio]Atienden El Mostrador - Claudio GIL
Separador de El Mostrador Cultural
Keywords: atienden
Downloads: 6
[audio]Pruebas al Canto con Julián David: Floreal Ruiz - Claudio GIL
Columnad de Julián David del 26 de noviembre de 2011 en El Mostrador Cultural.
Keywords: Julian; Floreal Ruiz
Downloads: 3
[audio]Pablo Olmedo en El Mostrador Cultural - Claudio GIL
Charla con Pablo Olmedoen junio 2011. El Mostrador Cultural FM 96.5 Radio Residencias de Mar del Plata.
Keywords: Olmedo; Mostrador
Downloads: 11
[audio]lagilco - sergio gil
prueba para la publicacion de videos familiares
Keywords: 1; 2; 3
Downloads: 26
[audio]Fleury por Chahin-Cifra - Claudio GIL
Alberto Chahin comenta e interpreta la Cifra de Abel Fleury
Keywords: Fleury; Cifra
Downloads: 9
[audio]MINUE_2A - V. GIL
Interpretación escolar
Keywords: educción; instrumentos
Downloads: 16
[audio]Cerasuolo más Aca Seca Trio - Claudio GIL
Omar Cerasuole leyendo un poema de Oliverio Girondo y Aca Seca Trío haciendo pasarero con Pedro Aznar
Keywords: Cerasuolo; Aca seca
Downloads: 9
[audio]Silvia Castro presenta Aquellos Fogones en El Mostrador - Claudio GIL
Silvia Castro presenta Aquellos Fogones en El Mostrador Cultural
Keywords: Silvia; Castro; Fogones
Downloads: 2
[texts]Is the Universe Noise-Sensitive? - Gil Kalai
The dichotomy between noise-stable and (completely) noise-sensitive stochastic models is of recent interest in probability theory. Of particular interest is the study of lattice models coming from statistical physics. The Fourier transform of noise-sensitive lattice models is concentrated on high eigenvalues and is described by "large" stochastic geometric objects. Noise sensitivity occurs quite surprisingly in various models like critical percolation, and is forced by certain symmetry condition...
Downloads: 2
[audio]Caminos De La Guitarra 9 2 13 - Claudio GIL
Columna de Alberto Chahin 9 de febrero 2013 en El Mostrador Cultural
Keywords: Chahin; Mostrador; febrero; 2013
Downloads: 15
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